All of our furniture is made here in our Charlemont shop. It is hand built using both traditional techniques (hand planing, dovetails, etc.) to the most modern (CNC router to flatten the slabs.). Having repaired some of the finest furniture ever made, I know pretty well what works and what doesn’t. Over 25 years of experience has informed my eye. Author David Pye once wrote that the finest objects are pleasing to all the senses, at all perspectives. A tree is beautiful when viewed from across a field. As you get closer you are able to perceive other details; the individual leaves and branches, the scent, the sound of the leaves rustling in the breeze. Even on down to the microscopic level where the individuals cells show how the tree lives and survives.

I strive to the same thing with everything I make.

A table should look beautiful from across the room. As you get closer, the individual details come forward’ The beautiful patterns of grain, the fine detailing, the subtle way light reflects off the marks of the handplane. When you touch, your hand is rewarded with a silky smooth top that is inviting to the hand. The smell of a freshly waxed surface floats in the background. You smile!


I am so looking forward to building this bed. (Alas, as of now it only exists in my head!) It will be a platform bed, simple in design. It will feature a beautiful natural edge slab from our collection. Clean. Contemporary. Inviting!

Please continue to check back in for progress. Looking to be available this spring.



Also in the design process. Think rich, hand planed surfaces, figured door panels, and hand forged hardware from Bob Compton!

Check back again.


I am currently working up a design for a really cool standing desk, possibly in collaboration with blacksmith Bob Compton. It would incorporate a metal base, and a unique live edge plank for a top. Most likely the first piece would be in cherry. Stay tuned!

If you are looking for a desk, and have some ideas you would like to explore, please give us a call.




I have been thinking about this chair for years.  Often when clients buy a table, they are also looking for complementary chairs.  I was striving to create a piece that would function in both a casual and contemporary setting.  Here is what I have come up with;


This chair is based on what is known as a Welsh stick chair.  It is an early predecessor to the American Windsor.  However the lines are bolder and less period looking than a traditional Windsor.

The shaped pine seat is both light and comfortable.  The arms provide an excellent resting place for long after dinner conversations.  The oak spindles are flexible and strong, giving the chair just the right amount of “give”.  And traditional details such as thru-wedged tenons will provide many years of solid use.  The finish is a durable oil and varnish mix.

I expect to have these chairs available Fall of 2014.


Bench 1This simple bench is ideal when less formal group seating is required. It is built using the same design and construction techniques as our chairs.

Meditation Benches

We build two variations on the Seiza style of meditation bench.  The first is a traditional style bench, made in three sizes.  Our second bench is currently in the design phase and will feature a curved seat, pivoting feet, and a collapsible design for easy transport.


This fun little piece is perfect for having around the house when you need a small step up, or perhaps when that small child wants a seat of their own. The top is eastern white pine from the Farm, and legs are red oak.


These stools were inspired by ancient classic Chinese stools and wooden pillows. (Yes, wooden pillows. Look them up!) The seat is both graceful and comfortable. The pine seat lends strength to the joints while keeping the piece light. The hand shaped oak legs are strong, and give the stools a rugged but refined look.

Bar Stool

BarstoolIn collaboration with Bob Compton. Using our traditional stool as a springboard, Bob and I created this barstool. The back allows for comfortable seating. The metal plays off the wood giving character to both.

Photos to Follow