Antique Restoration

Antique Restoration

We offer antique restoration and conservation services for discriminating clients. Using both traditional and modern tools, techniques, and materials, we respectfully bring treasured pieces back to life. If you are looking for a quick strip and urethane job, there others out there who would gladly take on your project! Not us.


Potential clients will often ask our opinion of the value of their furniture. This is how I answer:
There are three kinds of value.

  1. Resale Value. Sadly, given the cost of careful restoration, the money spent on labor will often meet or exceed the price the piece will bring at auction. The exception to this will be the truly fine pieces of furniture that have a high market value.
  2. Replacement Value. If your piece is something you like and meets your needs, odds are that it is cheaper to repair it than it would be to have another piece of similar quality. It will depend on the extent of work required.
  3. Sentimental Value. This is far and away the most important measure of value for our clients. Furniture that has been in the family for generations has a value far beyond its resale. Nothing gives us more pleasure than bringing a damaged family heirloom back to life.

If we have done our job properly, your furniture will look like a fine piece of furniture that has been lovingly cared for over its long life. Please feel free to call to discuss your project and how we might help.