At Kuklinski Woodworking, we believe that you should have joy in the use of everyday objects. That may be a significant dining table, or a small cutting board. Regardless of the size of the object, we strive to imbue them with our own sense of style.

Cutting Boards

Accessories - Cutting BoardOur cutting boards are usually made of local cherry, with hand forged hardware by Bob Compton. They are made from a single piece of wood, so you never have to worry about glue joints coming apart.

A common problem is that customers complain that the wood is too beautiful to cut on. What we suggest is that you use one side of the board for cutting, and then reverse it and use the other side for serving. That way you get double duty out of a single piece.

They are finished with nothing but our own premium wood cream. To maintain the boards, simply wash with warm soapy water, and re-apply a coat of wood cream as needed. Properly cared for they will provide a lifetime of service.

Serving Trays

Accessories 3Our serving trays are made from a variety of interesting woods. As we work through our projects, we often come up with small pieces of wood that are too small for furniture, but too beautiful to not use. A simple elegant base is applied, along with a durable oil varnish finish. They are perfect for use as a centerpiece or serving tray. Care consists of treating it as you would a fine tabletop. Wash lightly with warm soapy water and dry. The occasional paste wax will enhance and protect the finish.

Wall Art

In the course of sawing all the logs we do, we occasionally come across pieces of wood that despite spectacular figure, are not suitable for furniture. They might have an unusual shape, spalting, cracks, knots, or insect damage. Out of all the pieces I see, I select a few to become wall art. They are meticulously hand sanded and finished to bring out each pieces’ character. I find these to be truly one of a kind pieces of art. In each piece you can see and embodiment of the life of the tree and nature. Pictures can’t do justice to these works, you really have to see them in person. Please contact us to see what we have in our inventory. We often have pieces that range in size from a square foot up to a slab that can cover a wall.

*Occasionally clients express concern over the weight of these pieces. Not to worry. They often do not weigh any more than a mirror of the same size would weigh. Standard picture hooks and nails in wall framing are more than adequate.

Wood Cream

Accessories - Wood CreamWe formulate and blend our own recipe in our Charlemont studio. It is a blend of waxes and oils that are non toxic, and will beautify and protect your raw wood items. Cutting boards, wooden utensils and bowls will all benefit from regular use. To use, simply wipe on a coat, and after 10 minutes or more, wipe off the excess and buff. That’s it!

Easy to use, and it smells great. It is completely non-toxic, and features beeswax from local apiaries.